Animal shelter in Williston nearing completion

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Williston The new Mondak Animal Rescue has already reached its final stages.

"It's very exciting for one right now we function as a foster based only facility so we are limited on the amount of animals we can take into our care," said Tamara Rooks, adoption director.

Installation and framing is complete On the 18,000 square foot facility. A new state of the art veterinary clinic and community room is being built to provide gentle care for the animals.

"We have 16 adoptable kennels for the dogs at one time, but we also have 10 kennels for dog intake where the dogs can be held before they see a veterinarian before they go on to the adoption floor," said Rooks.

There is also a boarding facility where owners can leave their pets before heading on trips. Though the building is almost complete, help is still needed.

"We will require a lot of volunteers and we will have a volunteer coordinator for people to come and walk with the animals and clean kennels and cat boxes," said Sharlo Halvorson, Mondak Animal Rescue vice president.

Working at the facility is all about giving attention to the animals.

"You have to have volunteers to do that because you have to love them and you can't leave them out in the streets," said Tamsen Allen, Mondak Animal Rescue volunteer.

Tamsen says she's been volunteering for two years and feels it's her duty to spread the love

"They need attention and love so if you can give it, it's pretty easy," said Allen.

The animal shelter is scheduled to open sometime in June.