Analysis: Bush faced controversy with civility

MINOT, N.D. - As we look back on the life of former President George H.W. Bush, we wanted to hear from a local political science professor on the impact of his presidency.

Photo courtesy: NBC

Dr. Jynette Larshus, a Political Science Professor at Minot State University, says that while Bush faced controversies similar to all presidents before and after him, he handled them differently from the political atmosphere that we see today.

“The thing I think that sets George H.W. apart from other presidents throughout our history is that he addressed those controversies with civility. He never viewed people who disagreed with him as enemies. He never...he was a statesman,” said Larshus.

Even though they were rivals on the campaign trail, Bush forged a friendship with former President Bill Clinton in his later years.

The pair spearheaded charitable efforts.

Dr. Larshus says Bush understood the weight of his position as an ex-president.

“These are men who, regardless of their political ideology, they experienced something that none of us really are ever going to experience. So on a personal level, I think they understand the stressors, I think they understand the gravity of that office,” she said.