An inside look at Bismarck Rural Fire Department training

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BISMARCK, N.D. - When firefighters respond to a call, they often rely on their training to make sure they get everyone, including themselves, away from danger. Simulated fires are key to training firefighters.

"We're going to have it, full of simulated smoke where we are going to be doing search and rescue. We'll have a victim inside. Guys are going to be using different techniques to search that building as quickly as they can to find the victim,” said Casey Rogstad, a captain with the Bismarck Rural Fire Department.

Using a vacant building, the Bismarck Rural Fire Department did search and rescue training, and what's called a confidence course, where they had to navigate an obstacle course in the dark. The firefighters did the exercises with all their gear, which weighs about 60 pounds.

"We're trying to train people to do is be able to work through a structure without being able to use their eyes, have to tune all the rest of their senses,” said Matt Smith, who has been with with BRFD for two years. "This is a really nice training in the sense that it's very, very realistic as to what actually being inside a real structure fire is like."

This training puts the firefighters in situations they don't encounter on a regular basis.

"If they ever do get caught in a tough spot, you know hopefully some of the techniques they can fall back on using their training,” said Rogstad.

Giving them skills, which could save their life, and others.

Captain Rogstad also says if you own a building that you're planning to demolish, give your local fire department a call to see if they can use it.