American Red Cross Western North Dakota gears up to help Hurricane Irma victims

BISMARCK, N.D. - Volunteers from across North Dakota are in Texas helping those who have been hit by Hurricane Harvey, and now they're gearing up again as Hurricane Irma makes it way toward Florida.

The American Red Cross Western North Dakota office sent about 30 volunteers to help in the aftermath of Harvey, and the first group of volunteers will be heading home in the next couple of days.

Now, the agency is preparing in case a need arises in Florida as well, working to get as many people ready to go as they can.
“We are still ramping up getting people through the process of becoming Red Cross volunteers or the existing volunteers going through the process of planning so they can be away for a couple of weeks,” said Rob Stotz, Red Cross of Western North Dakota Disaster Program manager.

Stotz says if you want to help, donating money is the best way to give, or you can also sign up to be a volunteer.