All-state musicians find their forte

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BISMARCK, ND - The best high school musicians from across the state are showing off their skills.

Conductors from across the country are in North Dakota to work with our students, to see if they can Handel a higher grade of music.

"He is so cool, he tells a lot of jokes, which is nice. He's easy to get along with,and he makes everything easy to understand which,of course, helps the process, so that's nice," said Alec Bartlett, a vocalist in the All-State Mixed Choir, about his conductor at All-State.

Students like Alec have been selected from among North Dakota's best young musicians to learn and perform in the All-State Music Festival.

"It's been great. I do a few of these, usually one or two a year, and these students rank right up there with the best of the best as far as preparation, and just attentiveness in rehearsal, and musicianship. It was just a great, it was great fun for me and I hope the students had a good time as well," said Dr. Harlan Parker, a Guest Conductor at All-State.

Students have three days, that's an average of fourteen hours of rehearsal, with a new group, new conductor, and new music to get ready for performance.

"I think it's a great program. I think that the idea of being able to take the best of the best from all over the state and bring them here and make really good music is just, it's a wonderful thing," said North Skager, a drummer in the All-State Jazz Band.

The goals of the program are to help North Dakota's crescendo-ing musician's.

Hundreds of students participated in the six groups that performed March 25 at the Bismarck Event Center.