All-State Jazz Choir uses social media to let their voices be hard

Courtesy of Ketina Francois

WILLISTON, N.D. - Music students across North Dakota were disappointed to hear this year's All-State Music Festival was canceled due to the coronavirus.

The three-day event for band and choir students is all about collaboration and learning.

To overcome the disappoint of not getting a chance to perform, the All-State Jazz Choir used social media to come together and let their voices be heard.

Members selected a musical number to perform and each student recorded their individual parts to be put together. Williston High School Senior Andrew Tong says the experience made the cancellation of the festival somewhat bearable once he heard the final product.

"This project was really something where we could take back control of our lives and say, 'well we are in this situation,we can't change anything about it but we're going to make the most of it'," said Williston High School Seniror Andrew Tong.

To watch the full performance, click the link attached to this article on our website. Courtesy of Ketina Francois.