Alchemist Tattoo raises money for families of RJR homicide victims

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MANDAN, N.D. - April 1 is the day of the RJR quadruple homicide rocked the community.

The tragedy has brought the community together with many raising money to help the RJR family.

Alchemist Tattoo in Bismarck is dedicating May 30 to tattoo a RJR heart design and pierce anyone who wants to donate.

Alchemist tattoo artist Nicole Bareth says RJR hits close to home, and she wants to leave her mark on customers to remember April 1.

"Seeing somebody so close to me going through this, trying to be there for them, and things like that, I knew I had to help anyway I could," said Bareth.

Her coworker, Aileen Fritz is the piercer at the Alchemist. She says she wants to be there for Bareth, and the community.

"A lot of our friends, family and our entire community has been affected by this," said Fritz.

Ben Pace, the marketing executive of RJR, says after a month there are still no words to put together how the team and family feels and everyone has a personal connection to it.

"It hits home, and it hits the office, and it hits the place we go to Monday through Friday, 8 to 5, and some of us much more than that. So personal connection, yeah, I mean, but that's for all of us that work there," said Pace.

Bareth says she's already booked for tattoos on May 30, but everyone is still welcome to come. There will be a donation box and if there are cancellations or no shows, there may be availability.

"We normally have a $30 piercing fee, so I am going to be donating $25 of that to the families, I just have to keep the $5 to cover my set up and everything, but past that, the rest of the proceeds are going to them as well," said Bareth.

Bareth says 100 percent of the tattoo earnings that day will go to the RJR family.

Pace says members of the RJR team will be popping in throughout the day.