Airlines prepare for summer travel

BISMARCK, N.D. - With the increase in air temperature comes an increase in air travel.

According to Airlines for America, airports will see the highest number of passengers over any summer season; predicting more than 250 million passengers in just a few months.

Airlines are looking up this time of year, and for good reason. This summer is expected to break the record for summer air travels and airlines are preparing for it.

"Depends on the summer and maybe some activities or events that are taking place; it might be a little more,” said Matthew Remynse, Bismarck Airport marketing and operations manager. “But typically we see increases; nice, steady increases around 4 percent."

That steady 4 percent corresponds to the predicted 3.4 percent for the industry overall; expecting approximately 3 million passengers per day in the U.S. alone.

According to Remynse, the number of planes isn't changing. It's the size increases enabling more passengers, and enabling more in-flight benefits.

"Because we see the increase in traffic, the airlines see the potential for growth here,” Remynse said. “They might put in larger aircraft. So passengers may see the opportunity to be in first class on a flight that is typically a 50-seat RJ. So now they have the 76-seater in and they can now be in first class."

Bismarck Airport has already seen a surge in passengers. Passengers are up 14 percent in just the first four months.

These trends aren't expected to end anytime soon. Bismarck Airport is undergoing construction to shorten runways, saying this will accommodate newer, larger aircrafts. This project is expected to be complete in mid-October, as well as expanding the parking lot in 2020.

Despite the increase in traffic, they said they don't expect any significant increases in check-in time. They recommend travelers arrive at least one hour early and stay patient.