Air quality concerns in North Dakota

Over the weekend you may have more to worry about then just the heat, smoke from wildfires in Canada are hanging over the area, and it's expected to stick around.

If you have an underlying lung condition, emphysema, asthma or COPD, you are more likely to develop complications from the smoke in the air. One doctor says he's seeing more patients with throat irritation or coughing. He says if you have trouble breathing, see a doctor right away, but the best thing to do is try and stay indoors.

“Number one, limit the time outdoors, and number two if you do have to go outdoors and you have a sensitivity to smoke wear a mask,” said Dr. Anthony Tello, Sanford Critical Care Specialist. “But, try to limit your time outside.”

Tello says wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth is best, if you have to spend time outdoors.