Air Force jets refuel in Bismarck for cross country training flight

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BISMARCK, ND - Delta and United aren't the only ones flying out of Bismarck Sunday, so is the military.

Seven T-38s from Vance Air Force Base stopped at the Bismarck tarmac to rest and refuel on their cross country training flight.

The trip gives students experience talking to a number of air controllers and landing at a number of different airfields.

"I've been an instructor for about three months now, and it's a great opportunity. I love flying the T-38 and it's awesome to get to impart the wisdom of flying the T-38 and the fun of it to these new students who are hoping to go fly fighters and bombers themselves," said First Lieutenant Michelle Littlefield, an Instructor Pilot for the United States Air Force.

The planes and crews were only in Bismarck a short time and have now continued on their journey across the nation.