Adaptive Bowling in Bismarck

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Adaptive Bowling makes the sport available to people of all abilities.

Every Monday Donna comes in at 4 pm with talent to spare.

"Donna has been with us at least seventeen years plus. Just awesome to work with. Because she's deaf I even started to learn sign language," said Barry Schneider, the Parks and Rec. Coach.

In the past the weekly bowl was attended by more people, but has since dropped until it's just Donna and the coach.

"She gets so excited, but she won't give you a high five unless she gets a strike or a spare," said Schneider.

The session is at Midway Lanes in Mandan and is open to all players.

"No matter how challenged you are, physically, mentally, it doesn't matter. Everybody competes on an even playing field," said Schneider.

For those participating in the adaptive bowling program there is a special price of $3.50 per game.

This was the last scheduled event for Flurry Fest, but adaptive bowling will continue to be held Mondays at 4.