Accounting clerk pursues future in cybersecurity

Published: Oct. 2, 2019 at 6:46 PM CDT
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Donna Hogue was an accounting clerk before she decided to go back to school for cybersecurity. For a while, Hogue said she just wanted to work.

“I just did the everyday life. Just have a job to have a job. I didn’t go out for any specialty jobs, I wasn’t looking for any specialty jobs, I just had a job,” said Hogue.

The mother of four made the decision to switch to the cybersecurity program at Bismarck State College. She admits she was nervous about going back to school while still working, but she's on track to graduate in the spring. She’s gotten more than an education from the program.

“I love that my kids have to come to me. I have two of them that love gaming and when one comes to me and says hey mom can you get this mod for me, the enjoyment of knowing they have to ask their mom for something is the best,” said Hogue.

After she graduates with her two year degree, she's says she going to continue in the four-year program.