ATA Martial Arts brings lessons online

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 5:04 PM CDT
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In the era of COVID-19, ATA Black Belt Academy has moved online.

The Haugeberg family is staying on schedule with their ATA Taekwondo drills at home.

"They are fun because when I combat with my mom, she usually gets beaten," said Blake Haugeberg, six years old.

The online environment challenges instructors and students to find new ways to learn.

"I do think it's a little bit different, but I do appreciate the creativity of the instructors. We're not here in the studio, so we don't have all of the equipment. They're able to find creative ways where we can use things around the house to continue to do our training," said Heatthyr Haugeberg, first-degree black belt.

The drills help everyone at ATA to keep moving.

"It just keeps me active as opposed to sitting on the couch and just watching TV to keep my brain engaged," said Jesse Ward, ATA head instructor and fourth-degree black belt.

"Our instructors tell us that if you do a form well three to four times right in a row, that's certainly a cardio exercise; sparring is certainly a large stamina exercise," Heatthyr said.

The latest testing cycle finishes at the end of the month, so instructors are preparing to hold one-on-one Skype or Zoom calls to see if students can move up in belt ranks.