'ARC Fitness' takes shape in Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - A new year brings renewed vows to get into shape, but it can be tough. Luckily there’s a new app that makes it easier.

"This App is to just stay up with your times, technology is a big part of our life and it’s become huge in the fitness industry," said Jenn Shanahan, Williston ARC Fitness & Wellness manager.

"ARC Fitness" helps you stay updated with workout classes while keeping track on your goals keep track of your goals and that’s not all.

"What we just introduced out to the public is our challenges so you can use the app to sign up for challenges to stay motivated and connected," said Shanahan.

Creating the App has been in the works since early last year.. The ARC partnered with a fitness technology company called "Netpulse" to help make the idea become a reality.

"We wanted to make sure we were ready to introduce it for the new year, but since we introduced it we increased our member engagement by over 20 percent," said Shanahan.

And so far, the app is a success. Nearly 500 people have already downloaded it and close to 250 people are a part of the 60 day challenge.

"The challenge is completely doable, it works out to an average 34 minutes per day of exercise," said Shanahan.

Helping people to become stronger, and healthier, in the palm of their hand.

To learn more about the App, you can go online to http://www.willistonparks.com/