A new way to Trick-Or-Treat

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BISMARCK This isn't your Grandma's version of trick-or-treating.

From Ironmen and ghouls to unicorns all kinds of Halloween monsters were creeping about the St. Mary's parking lot.

Hundreds of Bismarck and Mandan residents are Trunk-or-treating Sunday, a newer style of trick-or-treating that's been growing in popularity.

"This is the first trunk-or-treat I've ever been to, and I just think it's great. It's a safe alternative, and quick, especially with the cold weather it's nice to bring the kids and make a quick round and fill up their candy bags," said Jessica Stavn, a Bismarck resident.

A trunk-or-treat is where volunteers or organizations decorate vehicles parked in a lot and hand out candy and prizes to the kids.
"It gives us a chance to give our trick-or-treaters a nice, fun, safe place, and also to just say 'hey we're here to support our kids,'" said Mike Ulmen, the Event Director.

Parents that we talked to are finding it to be more relaxed and safer.
"Especialy being at our school it's nice, there's familiar faces. We know the families. It doesn't bring on any anxiety taking the kids out. There's a closer proximity so we don't have to worry about covering more ground," said Stavn.

There were at least six trunk-or-treats this weekend and a few more of them will be happening on Halloween.

There will be more trunk-or-treat events on Halloween night, including at New Song church in Bismarck and Vibra Hospital in Mandan.