A look back at Burgum's first year in office

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Gov. Doug Burgum has now been in office for a little more than a year. So, we would take a look at how he's been doing so far.

In the last year North Dakota has been facing the pipeline protest, budget problems, and more, and our leader through it all has been Gov. Burgum.

Burgum entered office in Dec. 2016. He had a full plate on day one. He was dealing with the end of the pipeline protest, and cleaning up the state budget.

"He is a very intelligent person, very active and aggressive. Despite the downturn I think the economy in North Dakota is doing well and will continue moving as we go into the next session," said Sen. Dick Dever (R), Bismarck.

As a businessman Burgum helped the state government cinch up the budget, and he will have to tighten things up more in the coming biennium.

"It's always refreshing when someone can bring results-oriented projects to government. He's certainly kept his door open for both republicans and democrats alike to come in and share their insight. I certainly appreciate and look forward to continuing that working relationship into the new year," said Corey Mock (D), Grand Forks.

The year hasn't been without its hurdles. A lawsuit has been filed against the governor by the legislature because of his use of veto, but they stress that they still respect him as governor.

"Coming in as the CEO of a large company he's used to people doing what he says, and the legislature is a little bit different breed of character than that, " said Dever.

Law-makers said that Burgum has done well this year despite the steep learning curve.

Burgum will deliver his state of the state address on January 23.