A local nonprofit looks to cherish every paw

In some areas of our state stray pets don't have a place to go like the Humane Society. John Salling tells us how a new bismarck based organization hopes to save every Cherished Paw.

Meet Sampson, He's from Watford City and currently living with a Foster Family in Bismarck.

"Most of our dogs come out of the Western side of the state, I work with Watford City Veterinary Center. They contact me when they have dogs that they are unable to adopt out, and then I myself go and pick them up."

Cherished Paws is a new nonprofit that works through foster families around the state.

"You know, I've got a young daughter who just loves animals, and that's something she wanted to do really bad so we decided to do it,"

Max is another dog that came through Cherished Paws. He's already found his forever home.

"When we came across Max it was just one of those, we wanted to meet him. We knew it would be nice to have a playmate for our current dog Loki. So gave it a try and kind of fell in love with him, he's just a little ball of energy,"

Since getting started this summer, cherished paws has been able to rescue seven dogs, three are still looking for their forever homes.

Cherished Paws is in need of more foster Homes for dogs. If you'd like to volunteer you can find them on Facebook and on Bisman Online.