A 'North Dakota Nice' woman doesn’t press charges after finding a man in her car

BISMARCK, N.D. - A Bismarck woman told police she found a man in her car and gave him a ride Friday morning.

The Bismarck Police Department says a 29-year-old woman found a man sitting in her car with his pants half down around 5 a.m. Friday. She told police she asked the man to go over to the passenger side of the car, and he asked her for a ride home.

Officers say the woman drove the man to the area of east Rosser and Eastdale. She told police she was driving to work and decided to stop at the PD to report it for information purposes.

Officers asked the woman why she didn’t call 911 and she said she wanted to stay calm in the situation.

BPD says the woman later noticed her wallet and ID were missing, but she said she’d replace it.

Police say the woman decided not to press charges. Officers say it is unknown if she knew him.