A Miracle for Miranda

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Fifteen-year-old Miranda Wheeler is a vibrant young lady who enjoyed spending time outdoors with her family, but now her hobbies have abruptly changed after falling on a patch of ice in February.

It's very difficult to push through Teddy Roosevelt Park or go to the park and sit on the swing so she's missing out on all of the things that she really enjoys doing, says Heather Wheeler, Mother.

Doctors examined Miranda and thought she suffered from a bruised knee, but as time progressed, doctors determined she had Femoral Anteversion; A condition which a child's knees and feet turn inward.

"It's actually been present since birth, so but we don't notice it in children until they reach school age until they are able to run and play and we start noticing that they have problems with their running and their walking," said Kristen Nardozzi, Trinity Health Western Dakota.

The treatment Miranda will undergo consists of 4 lengthy surgeries. Her mom says though health insurance helps partially, it's been tough trying to cover medical expenses out of pocket.

You always try to plan for a rainy day and for things that happen, however you can't always plan for these types of emergencies, says Wheeler.

Miranda faces a lot of pain as she maneuvers from place to place, but her family continues to heal as she overcomes her battles and hopes for a speedy recovery. Miranda's first surgery is scheduled June 26 at the Gillette Minneapolis Children's Hospital.

For more information about Miranda's battle and how you can donate, you can visit her Go Fund Me page: https://www.gofundme.com/3kytlg0