Election Bios: Minot/Ward County

Election Bios: Minot/Ward County

Minot Mayor (1 spot):

Shaun Sipma

Shaun Sipma is no stranger to being a voice for the Minot community. Sipma worked as an award-winning television news journalist in Minot before moving to the insurance industry. Sipma has also involved himself with the group ‘Farm Rescue’ that helps farmers recovering from disaster or illness tend to their fields and flocks. Elected to the City Council last year, Sipma was involved with the #MakeMinot movement that successfully shrunk Minot’s local government to its current ‘modern council’ format.

Tim Mihalick

Tim Mihalick has left his mark on many different aspects of the Minot community over the past four decades. Mihalick worked for IRET for 36 years, including its president and CEO for the last eight years, until his retirement in 2017. He now works as a business development officer for First Western Bank & Trust. Over the years Mihalick has also been involved with Minot State University, First Lutheran Church, Minot’s YMCA, and Trinity Health.

Nancy Bommelman

In April, Nancy Bommelman briefly dropped out of the mayoral race to address a pressing family matter—but felt she needed to rejoin the race to serve the city of Minot. Bommelman has spoken out on a number of issues in Minot over the years, and says she wants to make a difference in the community. She has particularly addressed concerns about the ongoing addiction crisis across the country and here at home.

Minot City Council (3 spots):

Mark Jantzer (i)

City Council President Mark Jantzer looks to keep his seat on the council. Jantzer joined the council in 2008 and has pushed for progress for flood protection. He is also actively involved with the civic group ‘Task Force 21’ which tours the country, promoting the importance of Minot Air Force Base to the economy of the Minot area.

Lisa Olson (i)

Lisa Olson was first elected to the Minot City Council in 2010. Olson has pushed for flood protection for the Minot area along with affordable housing options. Olson has said that women are an under-represented part of the community and has stressed the importance of women serving in local government.

Stephan Podrygula (i)

Dr. Stephan Podrygula has served on the Minot City Council on three separate occasions. He brings a unique perspective to council discussion as a clinical psychiatrist. Podrygula has stressed flood protection, fiscal responsibility, and government transparency in his time in public service.

David Shomento

David Shomento looks to return to the Minot City Council. Shomento served on the council for three years but lost his re-election bid last year during the council’s overhaul. Shomento and his family have successfully run Sammy’s Pizza in Minot for many years.

Paul Pitner

Paul Pitner serves as a licensed realtor through Brokers12 in Minot and also owns and operates his business Pitner Rain Gutters. Pitner serves on the Minot Board of Realtors executive committee along with the Ward County Parks visioning committee. Pitner also played a key role in the recovery efforts of the flooding of Rice Lake in southwestern Ward County.

Edward Montez

Edward Montez looks to make a name for himself in the Minot political scene and make a difference in the Minot community. Montez is no stranger to elections—he launched a campaign for city council last year. Montez has said he wants to work to tackle the growing addiction problem. He works as a store manager for Enerbase.

Minot Municipal Judge (1 spot):

Hon. Mark Rasmuson (i)

Judge Mark Rasmuson has served on the bench in Minot for 36 years. He studied law at the University of North Dakota and began his service in 1974.

Ashley Beall

Ashley Beall studied law at the University of North Dakota. Beall has worked in both prosecution and defense work in the Minot area and serves on multiple committees on juvenile justice.

Ward County Sheriff (1 spot):

Sheriff Bob Barnard (i)

Bob Barnard looks to keep his position as Ward County Sheriff. Barnard, who took over as Sheriff last year following the retirement of then-Sheriff Steven Kukowski, has served in law enforcement for 42 years. He has served in a wide variety of roles in his career, including patrol officer, K9 handler, narcotics officer, criminal investigator, law enforcement instructor, jail administrator, and juvenile detention administrator. He also oversaw the later stages of the Ward County Jail expansion.

Michael McCloud

Retired North Dakota State Trooper Michael McCloud looks to re-enter law enforcement as Ward County Sheriff. A Minot native, McCloud has extensively studied law enforcement and worked as an accident reconstructionist and served as an instructor for the Trooper training academy. He currently works as the facility director for the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Minot, Bismarck, and Fargo, and has served on the Minot Safe Communities board for a decade.

Robert Roed

Robert Roed has served with the Ward County Sheriff’s Department for 27 years and looks to continue service as Sheriff. He started as a part-time corrections officer and worked his way up to the rank of captain. Roed is a life-long Minot resident who also served four years in the United States Marine Corps.