Eclipse countdown, preparing for total darkness

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA TV) Meteorologist Colleen Hurley headed downtown Rapid City to see who was going to travel to see the upcoming total solar eclipse. She also showed the proper eyewear you need if you're going to try and look at the eclipse at any point.

The total solar eclipse is on August 21, 2017. It will cover the entire United State and you'll be able to see 100% coverage if you're in the path, which happens to be traveling through parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. It's called the path of totality and it's about 60 miles wide. In that path the sun will be 100% covered by the moon, creating a sense of total darkness.

A number of people Hurley spoke to around downtown are planning to travel to see this astronomical event. Hotels around Wyoming and Nebraska are already booked, if you plan to travel to see the eclipse, plan on driving down early or camping.

You will experience a 96% eclipse in Rapid City, so you don't have to travel to experience the event. Eclipse glasses must be ISO certified, you can buy them in local stores, or online. The glass certification is the same as welders glasses.