If there's an emergency, do your kids know how to dial 911?

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FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) -- It's just three numbers: 911. Most parents are drilling the numbers into their children's heads, but how many of them know what exactly to do in an emergency situation?

Some say it has less to do with drilling the numbers and more about showing them exactly how to call for help.

"It is not as easy as it was years ago when they picked up the phone off the wall and dialed 911, because now we have smartphones. Do they know how to unlock your phone?" said Officer Jessica Schindeldecker with the Fargo Police Department in North Dakota.

So, do kids know who and how to call for help? Affiliate KVLY sat down with 7-year-old Brody and his mom, Kayla Hauso, of Dickinson, North Dakota.

"If something happened to mommy, I fell down and was unconscious or something, what would you do?" Hauso asked her son.

"I would call dad and say mom is hurt," Brody responded, adding that he would not know who else to call.

After some coaxing, Brody came up with the 911 answer.

"Do you know how to use mom's phone? If you picked up mom's phone, how would you get to call dad or 911? What's her password?" asked Hauso.

Brody gave his mom a blank stare and a shrug.

"You don't know it?" asked Hauso.

"No," Brody said.

Once Hauso unlocked her phone, Brody did know how to make phone calls on it.

Hauso sat surprised since her son normally gets on her phone.

"I've had the same passwords for years and he can get into it if he wants to play a game, but it shocked me he couldn't get into it," stated Hauso.

Another mom, Stephanie Winter of Bemidji, North Dakota tried asking her three-year old who she would call. She responded by saying "fire trucks." Winter says her daughter knows how to operate electronics, but probably does not know how to dial 911.

"Those are things you have to walk through and make it a weekly or maybe even a daily practice until they kind of catch on," said Officer Schindeldecker.

The director at the Red River Regional Dispatch Center says they do get kids calling them. They say kids tend to be more calm when speaking over the phone in emergency situations. The Red River Regional Dispatch Center also goes into schools and talks with kids.

Another important tip is to teach your children to always look at their surroundings. If they call 911, they need to be able to describe what is around them like street signs and houses.

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