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When big stories break, when storms threaten northeast Kansas, when you need to know what to wear tomorrow, when the Royals rally to win back-to-back World Series (fingers crossed), we want you to know first. That’s why when those – and other – important events happen, we’ll send you a notification immediately.

Every day at WIBW we try hard to deliver the stories that matter most to you. But, not everybody’s the same and many of you rely on us for different reasons. We get that. That’s why, we’re going to put you in control.

We’ve broken up our alerts into seven categories (listed below). You can fine tune your notifications so you can see all of the news that happens to you.

BREAKING: These are the things you really need to know. They are the huge stories - the breaking news that matter to you. You don’t get too many of these, so when you do, you’ll know they’re important.

TRENDING: There’s a lot happening in northeast Kansas every day. When it does, you need to find out what’s going on. We’ll make sure you stay up-to-date on all of the day’s breaking news. Plus, you’ll know about the major stories impacting your community.

SEVERE WEATHER: Stay safe! When major warnings and watches are issued, you’ll know immediately. You’ll know where they are and how soon they might reach you. These aren’t your day-to-day forecasts. They are for those dog-hiding-from-the-storm-under-the-bed moments.

FORECASTS:Now, these are your day-to-day forecasts. Don’t get caught outside without a jacket in the rain. And, don’t pick your clothes everyday simply based on how cold it was yesterday. We’ll send you the forecast each day. When rain or snow starts moving our way, we’ll let you know about that too.

LIVE REMINDERS: You’ve heard the expression, “Well, you just had to be there…” There are some moments you don’t want to miss. So, when there’s something you just have to see on TV, or when we’re live streaming local events or severe weather coverage, you’ll know what’s on.

SPORTS: Kansas sports fans, this one’s for you. You know there’s a lot more to sports than the final score. We’ll let you know exactly what our area teams are doing, from injuries to roster changes to those moments that make sports great – and of course the final score.

TRAFFIC: Summer’s in full swing, and that means road construction. Car wrecks block intersections and create bottlenecks. All of which makes your commute more frustrating than it needs to be. We’ll tell you about the roadwork and accidents that are slowing traffic.

Scroll down for directions:


1). Open your app
2). Tap on the gear/settings icon
3). Tap the toggle button to green for alerts you'd like to receive


1). Tap the menu icon on your device
2). Tap a check next to each notification you'd like to receive

Note: Some devices have a "menu" button on the device itself

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