Teen with cerebral palsy gets his big night out

Teen with cerebral palsy gets his big night out

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) -- A Waco, Texas high school junior finally had his night out with his girlfriend, after asking her to prom with the help of technology.

Midway High School junior Jacoby Burks has cerebral palsy, which means speaking isn't easy for him.

He uses "Eye-Gaze" technology to help talk at school, and he used it to ask fellow junior Maria-Jose Anzaldua to the prom.

In the end, Jacoby ended up with two prom dates this weekend; the other, a classmate named Genesis, and to make things even more special, the prom Saturday also fell on his birthday.

Saturday night, the cheers the three received as they arrived were heard far above the rest.

"It makes me feel good that I know he's happy, feeling involved and able to participate like other kids," said Jacoby's mother Latricia Burks.

Al's Formal Wear in Waco donated Jacoby's tux and Maria-Jose's jewelry was donated by After 5 Formal Wear in Robinson.

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