4-H Youth Livestock Exhibit Offers Friendly Competition

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Dickinson's Roughrider Fair gives children the opportunity to showcase their animals.

The sounds of sheep, cattle and pigs echoed around Dickinson State University's indoor arena Thursday morning. It was the 4-H Youth Livestock Exhibit.

James Breum, a volunteer at the day's event, has been involved with the showcase for over 60 years. He was once a participant.

"From the time I was about 9 years old, until up till now," Breum said.

The event has become a tradition for families in Stark and Billings Counties. It has also taught children about friendly competition.

"We're all a group and there's other people always helping out like, 'Hey, here's a tip,' you know?," said Shyann Simons, a show participant.

And the day is long. Contestants need to make sure their animals look presentable well before the competition begins.

All contestants walk away with a ribbon. But for Stetson Urlacher, the reward is not what brings him back each year.

"Get together with other 4-Hers, and you know, get acquainted and share tips and tricks," said Urlacher.

Later in the day participants had the choice to take part in a premium sale.

Roughrider Days runs through Sunday.