Motorcycle Club Breaks Stereotypes Through Community Involvement

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The Ice Cold Ryders motorcycle club is holding their annual Pics 4 Kids event tomorrow. There will be toys, pictures taken on the motorcycles, food, bounce houses, karaoke, games and even a dunk tank this year.

When you think of motorcycle clubs, you might picture violence, drugs and outlaws, but the Ice Cold Ryders have a different set of values.

"Brotherhood, family, loyalty," said Kris Condos, coordinator and secretary of the Ice Cold Ryders.

And community. Their fifth annual Pics 4 Kids event is tomorrow where they will be giving away more than $3,000 worth of toys. They say they want to create a positive image for the club in Minot.

"Just the stigma that motorcycle clubs riding around getting drunk and don't think about the community," said Evan Hunt, vice president of the Ice Cold Ryders.

"We to be a part of the community in a better light than you see on TV," said Lashone Brown, president of the Ice Cold Ryders.

"It's to break that boundary between community and biker clubs," Condos said.

While the event took around four months to plan, secure sponsors and organize, they say the payoff is worth it.

"The best feeling of the event is having a kid that thought it would just be a regular Saturday and showing up and getting something they didn't expect; to get and seeing them smile and every year we have a kid -- he came to the first one -- and we watch him grow and every year he's there and just to know we made an impact to bring him some happiness is a good feeling," Brown said.

Breaking that stereotype is important to the Ice Cold Ryders, and can put a smile on a child's face.

"So if we can give back to the community that gives us a positive response, then we get a more positive reaction when people see us on the road and at least it makes us safer and makes us more known as somebody positive in the community than just some outlaw bikers that you see on TV," Hunt said.

It's all about just being yourself, even if that includes wearing a leather jacket and riding a motorcycle.

Pics 4 Kids takes place tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Oak Park. For more information about club, check out the Ice Cold Ryders on Facebook or on