911 Baby: A story to last a lifetime

Published: May. 1, 2019 at 8:27 AM CDT
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It's not every day a dispatcher is able to help a family give birth before first responders get to scene.

Many dispatchers say helping someone through labor is the best call they can get and last week a state radio dispatcher received that call.

State Radio covers 25 counties across the state and because of the law they weren't allowed to tell us exactly where that family was calling from.

So we made it our mission and made a lot of calls and ended up right here in Enderlin.

911-- What's your emergency?

That was the voice at the end of the line when Devin De Smet called for help when his wife was giving birth NAT on their couch.

State Radio dispatcher April Johnson, "To help deliver the baby over the phone is very rare."

And emotions ran high on the Morning of April 22.

"I just wanted the paramedics here as fast as they could," said Tina De Smet, baby's mother.

A race to assure the baby was OK.

A dispatcher…

Johnson: "Baby's doing ok? Baby crying? How's mom doing?"

Talking them through it all.

"Just as I was about to lay down the blanket," said Devin De Smet, baby's father

Tina De Smet: "Scared to death."

And then Devin: "He was born."

Devin: "What am I going to use to cut the cord!?"

First responders showed up and the dispatcher call ended.

"I had to take a second because everybody cries when a baby is born," said Johnson.

Baby Dion-Gene is a week old now. Tina: "The best entrance into the world."

He's baby number four for the De Smet's, and his birth is a story they'll tell for a lifetime.

The family in Enderlin and the family back at State Radio say this is something they'll never forget.

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