7-year-old Dickinson girl gets a special Christmas present

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Did Santa bring you what you wanted for Christmas? A new bike or an action figure? For Aryn Odegaard, she wanted one thing more than anything else, her brother home from the Army.

"We have about once, twice a week, we have kind of some meltdowns that she misses her big brother and wants to see him,” said Starla Odegaard, Aryn’s mom.

Erik hasn't see Aryn since July. But this Christmas, Santa pulled some strings to reunite the two of them. Only one of them knew.

"There was just a bunch of adrenaline and nerves running and how is she going to react. I haven’t seen her in six months,” said Erik.

Her reaction was exactly what you would think. She got up and ran to hug him.

"Warmed my heart, bigger than I've ever felt before so it was pretty awesome to see the two of them together,” said Starla.

"The love and the feeling of having her back in my arms, seeing her for the first time in six months, I can't explain how happy I am today to be able to see her again,” said Erik.

When Aryn hugged her brother she told him that she missed and loved him.

This Christmas, she got everything she wanted, and something she will never forget. Aryn will be able to enjoy Erik for the rest of this year. Then he heads back to finish training.