Gov. Burgum extends workers compensation, signs first ordered quarantine

BISMARCK, N.D. - Gov. Doug Burgum signed an executive order that extends workers compensation to first responders and other medical volunteers who get the coronavirus while on the job. The governor said up to 80,000 individuals in North Dakota would qualify under this executive order. The governor said the compensation includes wage replacements as well as other medical benefits.

"It's imperative today under these expect any circumstances that we extend coverage shore front line personnel, also this executive order a provides a coverage for first responders who contracted on the job, it also provides up to 14 days of medical in wage replacement benefits for first responders health care providers who are quarantined,” Burgum said.

On Wednesday, Minnesota enacted a stay-at-home policy. And with major cities like Grand Forks and Fargo sitting along that border, the governor said that Minnesota may be asked to assist nautical to clinics that rest along the state boundary.

"People might say, 'oh, this is worse in Minnesota than it is in North Dakota.' On a number of cases per testing, we're at about the same rate as Minnesota, so someone shouldn't assume that things are a lot better in North Dakota than they are in Minnesota because, again, that could give a sense of false comfort,” Burgum said.

And just hours before the Wednesday press conference, Burgum signed his first ordered quarantine. Meaning that local law enforcement now has the authority and power to force someone to abide by quarantine policies if they are found positive with coronavirus.