Locals keep the Mott Gallery of History and Art alive

MOTT, N.D. - Mott's Gallery of History and Art is open four months a year, and it's only made possible by locals.

Every year, curators try to place new items on display to attract both regulars and new visitors. But it's the locals who keep the Mott Gallery of History and Art alive.

"All across rural America, particularly in the great plains, small communities are dying and disappearing, and so you do your best to maintain and to create interesting and prosperous place for people to live," said Kevin Carvell, historian.

The gallery has a series of items, ranging from local art, to room displays, and memorabilia from immigrant settlers.

"Telling what happened to the people who were originally living in this town, keeping our history alive," said Mary Messer.

And by interesting, the board is changing exhibits, adding a "Then and Now" room, and is renovating the "All Faiths" room.

"The young kids nowadays always have this one that's right here, they have no idea what telephones look like in the past or all of the things we have on display, or how we went to school when we were in young grades and country schools. So we just want them to know what their forefathers endured or what they went through or what they endured," said Messer.

Their newest donation will be from Tom Trousdale, who's dad owned the bank where the gallery now stands. He says he donates as much as he can.

"My generation saved a lot of things because we went through hard times." said Trousdale.

All the board members of the Gallery say they want to carry on their legacy.

"There will come a time, as you get older, you want to find out what your past was like," said Trousdale.

And want young people to be as interested in Mott's history, as they are.

The Mott Gallery of History and Art opens on Memorial Day and will be open Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the season.

June Artists:

Chelle Doll – Color ink art

Teen Artist: Isabella Oyen – Misc. genres and works in spray paint

June Public Reception: June 2, 1-4 p.m. MDT.

July Artists:

Michael Mayer – Dark photography

Sharing with Betty Ruggles – paper mache work

July Public Reception: July 13, 1-4 p.m. MDT

August Artists:

Sharon Swindler – Expressions of her art career with some story telling

Teen Artist: Crystal Belili – Material art/misc genre

August Public Reception: August 5, 1-4 p.m. MDT

September Artists:

Carmel Meier – N.D. Landscapes

Teen Artist: Autumn Gertz – Modern art, misc. genres

September Public Reception: September 2, Labor Day 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. MDT