UPDATE: Construction worker injured after falling down elevator shaft in Minot

MINOT, N.D. – UPDATE: Yates Construction has confirmed reports that the worker fell down an elevator shaft Thursday.

At this time, the man's identity, as well as the extent of his injuries are unclear, though we're told he's in stable condition at the hospital.

OSHA has inspectors on site who will be investigating the accident.

Work at the site is stalled until further notice.

For context, work on the new hospital began in 2017, and they hope to move in to the new facilities in 2021.

ORIGINAL STORY: A worker was injured in an accident at the construction site for the new Trinity medical park in southwest Minot Thursday, Trinity confirmed.

Details at this time are limited, including the man’s status, as well as what caused the accident.

A statement from Trinity indicates that management halted work on the site until they can ensure safety for all the workers.

Yates Northwest is overseeing construction of the site.

Trinity released the following statement Thursday night:

We are deeply saddened to share the news of an incident on Thursday, March 21, involving a worker at the construction site of the new medical park in southwest Minot. Our thoughts and prayers are with the man and his family. We are working with the construction manager, Yates Northwest, and other officials to ensure a safe work environment prior to reopening the site to any further activity.

We will update the story as we learn more.