5 arrests made during Dakota Access Pipeline protest near St. Anthony

Published: Sep. 27, 2016 at 5:36 PM CDT
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More arrests were made Tuesday at a Dakota Access Pipeline protest. This time because protesters were creating a road block on Highway 6 near St. Anthony.

The Morton County Sheriff's Department says the obstruction was to help people drive to the protest near a Dakota Access construction site.

Those showing their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline say they wanted to gather peacefully Tuesday. The Morton County Sheriff 's Department says there were several arrests at the site and additional arrests may be made after reviewing protest footage.

Water protectors say its purpose was to gather and pray.

"This is a peaceful march today, of protecting mother earth. We are protectors," said Feanette Blackbear.

"We're sorry that we have to stand up this way, but we are gonna," said a protester.

About 300 protesters lined the road shortly after noon next to the construction site. The Morton County Sheriff's Department says the Highway 6 road block helped bring in protester vehicles. The five involved in the blockade are in custody, but no other arrests were made on site.

"We were not shown aggression towards us. There were no incidents that I'm aware of," said Lt. Tom Iverson, North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Iverson says some protesters walked up to officers to shake their hands and thank them for their service but not all were polite towards law enforcement. The Morton County Sheriff's Department says they're investigating this and a nearby incident at another construction site.

About 50 officers responded to Tuesday's protest action to ensure the safety of everyone involved.