48 trees of Christmas

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Hettinger, N.D. - Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how numerous are your branches.

Tom and JoAnn Jacobsen's Hettinger, N.D. home is garnished with Yuletide.

"I am out of space," said JoAnn.

This couple knows how to keep Christmas. They've been married 48 years and adorn 48 trees with a multitude of ornaments.

“Most of these ornaments I didn't even know she had,” said Tom.

JoAnn started collecting decorations in 1967. She arranges them according to themes.

“This is the gingerbread tree, nothing but gingerbread,” said Tom.

There's also a Russian tree, fairy tree, nutcracker tree, snowman, Santa, peacock, owl and circus tree.

“The goose feather tree is made with pin feathers of the geese, then they dye it of course, you don't have green geese,” said JoAnn.

A green pickle is hidden in every tree. The old German Christmas tradition adds intrigue to the decor.

“Whoever found the pickle in the tree would receive a special gift,” said JoAnn.

JoAnn grew up on a dairy farm so one tree has an agricultural angle.

It took six weeks to set up their winter wonderland. JoAnn says this is the last year she's going to be able to deck the halls, 48 times.

“The kids are supposed to come and pick out what they want and take down the trees,” said JoAnn.

The Jacobson's have five children and 11 grandkids, so this enormous ornament collection will remain in the family for many Christmases to come.

After the Jacobson's were married, their very first Christmas tree was a tumble weed, spray painted green and decorated with one string of lights.