North Dakota teachers taught better ways to engage student learning

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With school coming up, students are not the only ones preparing for class.

"I think after a certain amount of time, teachers need new materials to keep students aware and awake in class,” said Kidder County math teacher Tasha Martin

Tasha Martin teaches in Steele. She says having new teaching methods will help her class.

"Some of the new tools that we get are just the new activities that are hands on, visual and kind of connect to all the aspects of multi-sensory learning and the fun aspect of learning,” said Martin.

More than 180 teachers took part in a workshop sponsored by the National Math and Science Initiative, a nonprofit based in Texas. Instructors travel the country teaching teachers new ways to keep their students engaged.

"We just do a bunch of labs and that way we can relate it to the kids. They always have a lot more fun with the hands on material than they do from the lecture and the notes and things like that,” said South Prairie School teacher Mitch Meyer.

The instructors say when it comes to labs, teachers will be more prepared for questions.

Hiral: "Hopefully, they'll be able to take this lab and actually do it with their students. So I think teachers are more apt to do an activity with them if they've gone through it. So they know what trouble their students will come up with along the way,” said NMSI instructor Hiral Mathur.

Elementary, middle and high school teachers participated in the workshop. This is the third consecutive year that the program has come to North Dakota.