Minot landmark restored

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MINOT, N.D. - Monday, the Minot Rotary Club celebrated the completion of the restoration of a community landmark.

The Soo Line Locomotive No. 735 sits near the entrance to Roosevelt Park Zoo. The engine has been a community landmark since 1956 and was heavily damaged during the flood of 2011. The engine was built in 1913 and was in operation until 1956.

Work wasn't easy, the train was extremely rusty, but it holds a special place in history of Minot.

“It is the history - we don't recognize that. The whole story about the Magic City and how the town sprung up overnight because of the railroad,” said John Coughlin, Minot Rotary Club.

“This is the thickest piece I found on the train. I've never had to work on anything that was this rusty before,” Landon Larson said.

Minot Area Community Foundation and the Minot Park District partnered with the Rotary Club to help with the restoration.