2nd fire station opens in Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Since the early 1980s, Williston has had only one fire house. Monday, that changed.

The $6.3 million station was funded through a public safety tax from 2014.

"Today we need to showcase what we've done with that money and continue providing the necessary services to protect the people in this community," says Tate Cymbaluk, Williston City Commission.

The second station will help provide services to the north end of town.

"For many years they didn't have the necessary protection. Williston has grown so much at such a fast and rapid rate, that we've left these people without the services in case there is a fire or an ambulance call, whatever have you," says Cymbaluk.

The nine-acre site also features a training center for new recruits.

"We have the home-field advantage here with the training right on site. In my previous experience, we haven't had a facility like this, so you had to travel, and when you travel for training you never know what you're getting into," says Mitch Byman, recruit.

The training center is named after Corporal Eugene Falcon, who fought and died in the Korean War.

"We have many veterans on this department, and it was a piece they brought forward to us, and one of the things we do in training is ensure that we give everything we have just like unfortunately he did when he was over in Korea," says Jason Catrambone, Fire Chief.

The first generation of recruits is excited to complete their training.

"It's a really unique feeling. It's pretty special. We started this academy with seven, there's four of us that will graduate here, so to be one of four of the first in Williston is pretty unique," says Byman.

They will graduate in the next few weeks.

A third station is expected to open up next August.