25th annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

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Oil industry leaders across the nation will be meeting in Canada this year for the 25th annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference.

A key topic of discussion...the future of the Keystone X-L Pipeline project.

Also, with oil activity and prices on the rebound...bringing workers back to the Bakken will be a main focus during the 3-day conference.

Ron Ness, NDPC "I think that's going to be the big issue the rest of this year as we see more and more activity is going to be planned and next year moving into the middle of '18, that'll be an exciting time, hopefully we'll have a lot of the new administration policies will be in place."

Last year...President Donald Trump was the keynote speaker at W-B-P-C when it was held here in Bismarck.

The conference rotates between Canada and Bismarck every other year. The conference runs May 2 through the 4th in Regina.