23 kids honored at Brave the Shave

BISMARCK, N.D. - This year's brave the shave event honored 23 children in their battle against cancer.

Zakk Arenz was 10 years old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. His dad Jon says losing his hair was one of the toughest parts, but Brave the Shave makes it a little easier.

"It shows hey it's not a big deal to not have hair,” Jon said.

Zakk stepped up on stage Saturday to be honored along with other children that have fought the same battle. Some kids weren't able to attend, like Cully Oothoudt who lost his fight last August.

"The most important thing is you know we want to remember Cully, we don’t want to shy away from his story,” Cully’s dad Scott said. “His life mattered and we sure miss him but whatever we can do to raise awareness and keep his memory alive and fight this disease at the same time."

Both dads have walked in the same shoes, and felt the support from Brave the Shave, saying the community's support makes all the difference.

"Until you've been on this side from a parent's perspective with your kid there you have no idea what it was like,” Jon said. “And a lot of parents will say when we're looking for people to support this is that the day before our diagnosis we weren't a cancer parent either."

And now, they're standing by, offering the same support for other families by braving the shave.