2020 graduate banners installed on Main Avenue in downtown Bismarck 

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 2:24 PM CDT
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Bismarck high school seniors and higher education graduates are being honored all along Main Avenue, from Third Street to Sixth Street.

Banners celebrating all students who graduated during the on-going pandemic have been hung by the Downtown Bismarck Community Foundation in collaboration with the Downtowners Association, through Bismarck Towns and Gowns.

Downtowners Association CEO Dawn Kopp said: "We're really hopeful that we can show the students how proud we are of them, going through this extraordinary senior year of theirs or their last year of school, which it may be. And, we're also hopeful that the community can be supportive of those students as well."

The banners will be displayed through early August.

The Bismarck Towns and Gowns team feels that by engaging with students in the Bismarck Community, talent recruitment and retention are enhanced along with building Bismarck as a destination for students, their families and higher education.