2020 U.S. Census kiosks in Minot postponed

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MINOT, N.D. - Minot will postpone setting up 2020 U.S. Census kiosks in order to follow CDC recommendations to practice social distancing.

Earlier this month volunteers were given supplies to start setting up census booths.

More than a dozen locations including Minot Public Library and the Souris Valley United Way planned to help count the public.

However since then, most city of Minot public locations have been closed off to the public.

You can still register for the census online or by mail.

Kiosk managers say despite being they still encouraging people to participate.

“While we are closed, we'll still be helping push information encouraging people to do it themselves online from home,” said Minot Public Library director, Janet Anderson.

The official U.S. Census day is April 1. After that, numerators usually visit homes to help register anyone who has not responded.