2018 Minot City Elections: What to Know

MINOT, N.D. - Last June, the people of Minot made sweeping changes to the city council.​

The council shifted from 14 aldermen and seven wards, to just six at-large aldermen and a voting mayor.

Some of those positions will not be up for the first election cycle.

For the third consecutive year the city of Minot will hold city council elections over the summer.

"The city government has changed quite substantially, obviously we have reduced the size of our representation. That has expanded the duties of the elected individual. It takes a committed person to run for office," said Derek Hackett, public information officer.

With the election still six months away, a few people have announced their intentions to run, but there are no candidates yet. To get on the ballot you must complete the election packet, as well as meet all the requirements set by the city of Minot and the state of North Dakota.

"If you're interested in running, you have to make sure you have an ID with you, you get 300 signatures, you fill in all the pertinent forms. We have a residency requirement of 9 months, that's state statue as well. Other than that, it's pretty simple and straight forward as we approach June," said Hackett.

As the election nears each day the city will begin to see serious candidates emerge.

"We really start to see people start to separate themselves from the pack. To see who is committed, who is dedicated to the community. It's really exciting from a staff perspective to see what kind of leaders we actually get out of this process,"​ said Hackett.

Bringing new leadership to the Magic City.

For more information of the upcoming elections or how to become a candidate visit minotnd.org.​