2018 Minot Boulevard Tree Planting

MINOT, N.D. - For the last thirty years the Minot Forestry Department has been working to help make Minot a more beautiful place. This year is no different, they are in the midst of the 2018 Boulevard Trees project.

Everyday, the Forestry Department is out tending to trees along the boulevards and answering homeowner's questions about their trees. The Department will come out to the location to determine the types of trees that will grow best in your location. Minot City Forester Brian Johnson says there are some requirements to picking the right tree for your property.

"Space. That is probably the biggest thing. On corners we like to stay back at least 50 feet from the corner for visibility reason and then make sure the boulevard is wide enough to handle the species we put in,” said Brian Johnson, city of Minot forester.

They start the season with around 15 to 20 different variety of trees. Popular ones like maples go quickly, but Johnson says there are still plenty of trees to choose from.

“As soon as I tell them what varieties will work. As soon as they make a payment we get notification of payment we do the one call that day. We normally leave a door hanger if they are not home explaining what to do. Five gallons of water a week. If you have underground sprinklers we like to watch that area. Don't water so much especially if you're on north or south hill,” said Johnson.

If you are interested in getting a boulevard tree, contact the Minot Forestry Department at 701-857-4178.