Former GABR Star continues to make progress in therapy

Published: Apr. 21, 2019 at 4:16 PM CDT
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When we featured Asher Olson before Sanford's Great American Bike Race in 2018, he was still working with the help of leg braces and another machine to help strengthen his legs. Little by little, Asher's gathering his strength, and showing what hard work can do.

Running on the treadmill. Every time Asher Olson does it, he gets a little faster and a stronger, showing doctors a few months ago he doesn't need much help anymore.

"We got the report. He said he is above average for having cerebral palsy. So he wouldn't need any type of surgery so he actually could get rid of the brace,” said Brooke Olson, Asher’s mom.

Now without the leg braces he's had much of his life, Asher is working extra hard to get stronger.

"He's more motivated than ever to play football, get faster for basketball and he's really into running right now,” said Sarah Keller, a pediatric physical therapist with Sanford.

Part of the motivation comes from small victories over where he was last year.

"He can wear normal shoes. He doesn't have to have a bigger size or wider shoe so that was kind of fun for them they could go and pick out normal shoes and he could just go to a store and get them instead of having to wait for them,” said Brooke.

One year later, Asher is breaking new ground one step at a time.

Brooke says the GABR Foundation still continues to help pay for therapy and Asher's last set of orthotics.