2017 Miss North Dakota Pageant contestants

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WILLISTON, N.D. - For 30 years, the Miss North Dakota Pageant has called Williston home.

Nineteen women from across the state are looking to become the 2017 Miss North Dakota. It'll be a busy week for the contestants as they prepare for the grand finale.

"All the hard work is definitely worth it. And no matter how cliché it may sound, all the practices, it's really a team building exercise. We're really able to learn from one another," said Miss Fargo Grace Ward.

For some, the competition is something they've been part of for years.

"I was a little sister in the pageant, I was a back up dancer for four years, too. So I've known a lot about it, I've been here for so many years, and it's really excited to be on the other side as a contestant," said Miss Oil Country Katie Olson.

Their talents cover a wide range of skills.

And they'll be getting ready all week for Saturday Night's final competition.

And they're excited to be in Williston, once again.

"I just think it shows a lot for our community that the pageant keeps coming back and that we have host moms and we have people who are willing to sponsor and let us do it here. It just shows the hospitality you can find in Williston." said Miss Mercer County Ashley Fagerland.

A new Miss North Dakota will be chosen this Saturday.

This year's Pageant starts at the Bakken Elementary School Auditorium at 7 p.m.