20 former Miss North Dakota contestants returning to Williston for 2016 crowning

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This week is the 30th year that the Miss North Dakota Pageant has called Williston home.

In order to celebrate the longevity of the pageant in the Western Star City, every Miss North Dakota from the last 30 years was invited to this year's event. Around 20 are expected to return, including several who were there today. A large delegation of both current and former Miss North Dakota winners were on hand.

"It just goes to show how much the Miss America Organization and the Miss North Dakota Pageant meant to them, and how much it's impacted their lives, that people are willing to come back, and sometimes travel for long distances. My family and I came all the way from Los Angeles," said Susan Campbell, Miss North Dakota 1987.

"It's a huge surprise for all of us. We all were traveling from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, and so it just worked out that we were on the same flight together. And it was just fun to see so many familiar faces right away when you get off the plane. It's just that homecoming feeling it's so great>," said Rosie Sauvageau, Miss North Dakota 2012.

This is all leading up to the crowning of the next Miss North Dakota June 11.