2 men charged with aggravated assault, robbery in Williston

WILLISTON, N.D. - In Williston, two men were charged with aggravated assault and robbery after police say they pistol whipped and choked a juvenile they met up with to buy an ounce of marijuana.

Court documents show when 19-year-old Ezra Toavs and 18-year-old Matthew Welty arrived in a parking lot to meet up with the juvenile on January 6th, Toavs took out a gun and repeatedly hit the juvenile in the head with it. Police say Welty choked the juvenile and took everything out of his pockets. The juvenile was able to run away while Welty yelled at Toavs to shoot him, according to law enforcement.

Prosecutors charged both with conspiracy to commit robbery, charged Toavs with robbery, and Welty with accomplice to robbery. No court appearances have been scheduled yet.