2 Williston hotels closing due to oil slowdown

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WILLISTON, N.D. - With no sign of an oil price recovery, two Williston hotels are closing down. Nicole Ross says it was an easy decision for the owner to shut down.

"We're not making what we used to make, and he's having to put too much money back into the hotels where it's not worth it anymore to him," says Ross.

This is the last night the Missouri Flats Inn and the Marquis Plaza and Suites will rent out rooms. While business has picked up slightly, it wasn't enough to stay open.

"The plan really is if it picks back up here, he will consider re-opening them, but with winter coming, it will definitely slow down," says Ross.

In the meantime, roughly 30 employees will be out of work.

"I've been here, going on 13 years, so that's hard. I've been here since I was 16 years old, it's the only thing I really know," says Ross.

The two hotels have been up for sale for nearly a year.

"We have had some people come look at the properties, but no potential buyers yet, so we'll see," says Ross.

The asking price is more than $3 million each.

Another employee says she isn't worried about finding a new job, since several other hotels are hiring.