2 Vets Moving Helping Veterans Find Jobs

Published: Nov. 12, 2019 at 5:11 AM CST
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Veterans like Brady Wolf and Michael Merrill spend years of their lives serving in the military and go on to serve our community through their business ventures.

Not only do the owners of 2 Vets Moving Company help the community through their work, they make a conscious effort to hire on other veterans and contribute through community service.

By 2016, Wolf and Merrill had both recently retired from the army.

In the same year the two teamed up to start 2 Vets Moving Company in Bismarck.

"We started small time with just a single truck. And now, we're on our 9th truck and we're doing moves that are outside of the state," General Manager Michael Merrill says.

The business grew from a team of 3, to over 30 employees.

The owners say the skills they acquired in the military, helped them build the successful company they have today.

"There's definitely a lot of leadership skills that you pick up through an average military career that really transition over to more so having the determination and the mindset to 'if this doesn't work try this.' You know? Either way, do whatever you have to do to get the job done," Owner Brady Wolf says.

The pair make an effort to offer jobs to other vets in the area.

"A lot of guys who get out of the military, they might have that kind of uneasy feeling of really 'what am I going to do now.' And then, we're here to provide that opportunity where you can kind of get back into the civilian world with an easy transition," Merrill says.

The owners also make an effort to contribute to the community by doing giveaways and participating in fundraisers.

To participate in the next giveaway Wolf and Merrill are doing to help families buy Thanksgiving dinner or to learn more about their business, you can visit its Facebook page "2 Vets Moving Company."