14-year-old boy taken into custody after rumored threats against Dickinson Middle School

DICKINSON, N.D. - A 14-year-old boy was taken into custody and charged with terrorizing after a threat to Dickinson Middle School. The boy was released after it was determined he posed “no immediate threat” and was released into his parent's custody.

Dickinson Public School District and Dickinson Middle School said there was a rumor of a planned shooting at the middle school and it was solely an “unsubstantiated rumor”.

Dickinson Police Department said the situation didn’t involve any direct threat or planned student harm and the “majority of alleged statements were fabricated and had been made weeks prior to the actual report to law enforcement.”

According to Dickinson Public Schools, the juvenile was taken to the Youth Correctional Center in Mandan the same day and returned to Dickinson the following day for a detention hearing.

Dickinson Police Department says parents were “victimized by a social media frenzy of embellishments and rumors” that occurred over the weekend.

Dickinson Public Schools says, “your child or children are safe to come to school.”