136th Anniversary of Teddy Roosevelt landing in Medora

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MEDORA, N.D. - Theodore Roosevelt stepped off a train and into what is now known as Medora, 136 years ago Sunday.

The 26th president came out to the Dakota Territory to live the "cowboy way" and take part in bison hunts. After the death of his mother and first wife in 1884, Roosevelt came back to North Dakota to establish the Elkhorn Ranch.

During his second trip, Roosevelt deepened his love for the outdoors, and got into a few dust ups with others experiencing the west.

According to the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State, Roosevelt visited the Badlands until 1918, a year before his death in New York.

Through the end of September, Joe Wiegand, known for playing Roosevelt’s character, will be performing at the Old Town Theater in Medora. For more information, go to Medora.com